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  1. j’adore!
    c’est un petit résumé simple mais explicite de new moon avec des images pour les mongoles qui ne savent pas lire!!
    non franchement j’adore!!!

  2. it’s so funy…
    i can’t stop laghin…
    you are the best

  3. This had me laughing so much! Especially
    “jacob joins a cult, but he’s just a wolf so it’s okay” and “edward peaces out. and then he takes the cd… dick”. Lol.

  4. Great job!! Just one little itty bitty detail (sorry!) but the Seattle story is from Eclipse, not New Moon.

    • Victoria does come back in New Moon, remember? That’s why Laurent comes back, as a favor to Victoria who wants to kill Bella.

        • Kelly
        • Posted June 7, 2009 at 4:06 pm
        • Permalink

        Never said Victoria didn’t come back in New Moon Sarah 🙂 Just that the Seattle story happens in Eclipse not New Moon 🙂

  5. this is great. you guys should publish this as a synopsis of the book and hand it out to those who haven’t read the book.

    funny…great job!

  6. more please! these are awesome

  7. and he takes the cd…dick
    LOL thats my favorite one hahaha I’ve read it 10 times already

  8. lmfao 😀 :D…and he takes the cd..dick – that’s my fav. sentence.. 😀 :D.. cool 😀 yeah .. please more 😀

  9. OMG, these are HILARIOUS!!! More please!

  10. lol soo funny
    i like the vote and the charlie ones best
    great job! (:

  11. Hilarious! I loved the one with Edward taking the CD. Lol, still loved them all.

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