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  1. not much of a “scheduled television” viewer, but i’m hooked on True Blood like a ‘neck on meth. very fitting adaption by the S.M.T. troupe,

    bring on the crazy devil-woman who’s bringin’ sexiness back!

  2. love it…hope to read more. (can’t wait for the 10th book in Oct)
    Just thought of a random one… Bubba licking his lips…”Ain’t nothing like a hounddog…or a nice juicy cat” or something along those lines.

  3. Bill gets FRIED on the show?!

    • Yes! Bill hears Sookie being attacked by Rene and he drags himself out into the sunlight trying to save her. As he walks, he starts getting all crispy and finally collapses. After killing Rene, Sookie and Sam rebury him. Pretty cool special effects, but nothing like the book. 🙂

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