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Stay tuned for the exciting conclusion!







Stay tuned for Part 2!

Stick Man Theatre Presents: The New Moon Preview













  1. This is hilarious lol i am a huge fan of the saga and this is so perfect lol

  2. OMG this is great 🙂 Thank you for brightening up my day, love the twilight saga and loving this 😀

  3. Those are too funny…love’em!!

  4. Great job! Love it!

  5. Sooo funny 😀

  6. Those are funny! Looking forwards to the next ones!

  7. More!

  8. this is so cool xD! REally funny I love them

  9. i love it.

    “there are more wolves…x5”

  10. This is so brilliant! Can’t wait for Eclipse and Breaking Dawn to be done!

    Keep up the good work!!!

  11. awesome

  12. absolutely hilarious! I love it! hahahaha

  13. haha, i love this !
    can’t wait for eclipse ad breaking dawn !

  14. this is so funny! LOL

    i hope to see soon eclipse n breaking dawn over here jajajajajaj

  15. WAY COOL ]MAd funny

  16. This is like ‘Stick People Twilight in 15 Minutes’ – love it!! Breaking Dawn is going to be a hoot!!!

  17. This is hilarious!!! Keep them coming! Can’t wait for the Eclipse one. 🙂

  18. haha hilarious stuff (:
    thanks that was fun to read

  19. haha LMAO! I love this! 🙂

  20. i cant wait for eclipse and breaking down cartoons!!!!!!!!!! hurrrrrrrryyyyyy

  21. I just burst out laughing when it said “Jacob joins a cult.”

  22. These are too funny! I have been laughing all morning. Why didn’t I see these before? (I’m a total Twilight Universe obsessive.) These are priceless!

  23. I absolutely adore all of these.
    Keep up the great work–I can’t wait for the Eclipse and Breaking Dawn ones!

  24. Great!!!!!
    soo funny, i love it^^
    more please 😀

  25. LOVED it!! Sooo funny! thanks for brightening my day! cant wait for the next 2!! more movies!!! lol XD laughed 4 a good 10 min. when i saw these and kept laughing later whenever i remembered it!

  26. OME that is sooooooo lol i luv twilight and ya that was just sooooooooooo funny

  27. me parece demacioado gracioso!!!
    que inventiva tienes!!! está genial!!!
    espero con ansias Eclipce y Amanecer!!!
    ¡¡¡me encanta!!!

  28. love the twilight saga books (the movie was ok; hope the 2nd will be better) and these were amazing, great, amusing, & most of all funny!! XD cant wait 4 eclipse & breaking dawn!! keep them coming!

  29. “bella sustains the most severe paper cut in history” great! just what i thought when i saw the movie preview!! lol “boo ya! jasper’s flying” “the piano totally catchs him!!” awesome! “edward makes her (bella) a cd” “then he takes it back.. dick” XD hahaha! “edward has a sad face” classic “jacob gets huge!” priceless… he looked so funny in this with a 6 pack!! lol

  30. last few things: bella:”i fall down a lot” lol XD agreed! has anyone noticed laurant looks like a spider in the 1st new moon one? lol XD hahaha!

  31. xDDDD that is HHIILLAARRIIOOUUSS!!!!!! xDDDDD im gonna tell all of my friends about this…. i wonder wut Breaking Dawn’s gonne be like… 0.0

  32. This is awesome… please keep these coming!

  33. THESE ARE SO HILARIOUS. OH MY GOSH. seriously, so so so so so funny. especially laurent hahahah.

  34. This is hilarious! Cant wait for part 2!!

  35. hahahahah omg this is hysterical. its perfect!

  36. wow. guys. talk about laugh out loud. these are classic. ur take on the books/film/trailers are brilliant. well done. MORE !!!


  37. words fail me! this is awesome! I want more!

  38. EPIC WIN
    Stick Man Theatre FTW!

  39. I love this tuff! So funny! Can’t wait for the next part:)

  40. LMAOPIMP! Brilliant!

  41. what can I say…..DIVINE!!

  42. eclipse is great!!! cant wait 4 part 2!!! lol edward breaks the bed to show bella how gangsta he is!! XD Awesome!!!

  43. caution…do not read stick man theatre late at night whilst others are sleeping.intense giggling may ensue and cause others to awaken and be seriously peeved.
    you have been warned.
    oh and keep up the awesome (with a slice of win)work!

  44. ha ha!!!!!!!!:P

  45. LOL
    AWESOME JOB!!!!!!

  46. OMG this chiz is too cool.

    MOARR plz! XD

  47. haha this is soooo good and funny!im a huge twilight fan and these are awesome!

  48. totally aaaawsome… love it.

  49. Holy spectacular epic-effin-win

  50. hihi c doncs ben drole 🙂 i love twilight

  51. so totally rude but… totally funny!!!!
    love em

  52. Your version of the Saga has me PIMP. I am anxiously awaiting the next episode.

  53. not mike newton xD LMAO

  54. omg there all so funny i love it! im a twilight saga fan and i just found this funny!

  55. More!!More!!!!More!!!!!!!!MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I love them!!
    I beg you, please continue!!

  56. oh!!! c’mom!!!
    i need to watch Edward perfect style -or naked style- for the wedding!!!
    and… if you have time Bella Dress…

    divertido e imaginativo como siempre… un gran aplauso al teatro de palito

  57. Sono bellissim!

  58. lol. this was funny. This made my day… morning.

    Wish there was more. 🙂

  59. sooo funny. ‘ And he takes the CD… dick’ now that made me laugh out loud!

  60. Rofl! Hilarious, it’s funny when Charlie gets the piss taken out of him.

  61. OMG LMAO here !!! These r so toraly awesome. gr8 wrk guys keep it up these r just so damn hillarious 🙂 x x x

  62. these are so so funny i just love them

  63. OMG. thats liek the funniest stuff of my life.

    big L O L

  64. this is awsome…=]

  65. This is so funny, I almost wet myself laughing…I didn’t though.

  66. “Edward and Jake have a silent pissing contest…” LOL Brilliant! Can’t wait to see the final part of Eclipse (my favourite book of the saga) – the whole book is basically a pissing contest between Ed & Jake!
    Looking forward to your version of Breaking Dawn (my un-favourite book).
    Keep up the good work guys!

  67. lmao Funny! ❤ Stick man theater.

  68. Continued: My fqve lines- Edward takes the CD back… dick.; the piano totally catches him; Edward trashes the furniture to show how gangsta he his; Ok there are too many to list but I’m still lmao

  69. Gah I mean fave… Posted 3 times in a row!!!!!!! :DDDDD

  70. Thank you KP and PC for the funniest TwiS**t in existence. When I view these (its been 6/7 x’s) I laugh so hard I nearly fall off my chair, wet myself, and wake the neighbors from cackling hysterically. I especially love Charlie and Carlisle/Esme at the wedding. I hope we see more New Moon SMT before November. I would especially love to see New Moon Extra’s from Stephenie Meyer’s website-specifically “Rosalie’s News” or “Being Jacob Black”. I’m sure tons of requests for Midnight Sun (I can only imagine what they could do with it – so dark, but yet so lovely and fun!! (Now if only the real thing would be published-we can dream can’t we!?!)

    • Twilight Obsessed
    • Posted September 28, 2009 at 5:56 am
    • Permalink
    • Reply

    haha love it!!!! Brew-ha-ha ahahahahaha can’t wait for Breaking Dawn!

  71. Sooooo glad you posted the Eclipse conclusion! Love Leah’s girlie grumbles, and the Brokeback Mountain tent scene made me laugh so much!!!
    Looking forward to your version of Breaking Dawn, can’t wait to see your take on the honeymoon!
    Keep it coming guys!

  72. I LOOOOOOOOVE you guys!!! You are killing me every time!!! This is AWESOME!!! Love the Eclipse!! Keep drawing for Breaking Dawn pleaseeeee…

    • Charline (France)
    • Posted October 11, 2009 at 11:10 am
    • Permalink
    • Reply

    This is awsome! Thank you guys!
    Can’t wait for Breaking Dawn! =D

  73. OMG! lol this is soo funny…usualy, if i see someone making fun of thw twilight saga…i get pissed…but the way you have it…i can tell your a fan by the way…its funny 🙂
    you did a great job on hehe
    cant wait for breaking dawn lol

  74. You guys continue to do great work!!! I look forward to the Breaking Dawn Stick Man Theatre. Eclipse Stick Man was hilarious and yeah, it got me a lil emotional at the obviously sad parts.
    You guys rock!

  75. Honestly, I laugh out loud everytime

  76. This is hilarious
    Love it.

  77. Oh my god!!!!!!!! That is Hilarious!!!! Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!

  78. Although I loved your Conclusion of Eclipse, I would have loved to see your interpretation of “how” Edward tried to cancel the wedding by trying to give it up right then and there.

  79. Twilight ist voll coll und ich liebe EDWARD und JACOB und BELLA ist voll hübsch Liebe Grüße Sabrina Hupperich

  80. Whahaha! xD I LOL’ed at almost everything! I can’t wait to see what you guys’ll do about “Breaking Dawn” 😀 My favorite has to be in the “New Moon” one: “Edward makes Bella a CD” “Edward peaces out” “And he takes the CD… Dick :(“

  81. tottally awsome my mom thinks im stupid reading those i would rather read those than the real books! Isn’t Jasper from Lousiain so is sookie stackhouse i love those books and then the twilightsaga books!

  82. this is oober funny! i love the twilight series bunches, but this is still hilarious! if u like twilight parodys google “twinight” its grrrrreat! crocodile koolaid instead of carlisle cullen? lololol!

  83. why isnt there braking dawn?

  84. but i think it is cool yall should do braking dawn

  85. funny stuff! haha

  86. hahaha like it

  87. These are SO hilarious!! I was laughing the entire time!! Hope to se more… 🙂

  88. OMEC I was about to pee in my pants this is so hilarious!!!!!
    I love Diego´s and Rose´s cartoons.
    My favorite saga into stickmans, is totally AWESOME!

  89. OMG, this is awesome!! I LOVE it!! =) =)

  90. this is great kinda and the twilight one is the best yet i loved it

  91. I have a feeling that I was going backwards but I thought it was really funny even though I’ve never read the books or seen all the movies, well, I hope you make more :3

  92. this is soo epic!

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